Judging beers by their covers

Although I am without a doubt a wine person (if that weren’t already abhorrently obvious), I am inexplicably drawn to a particular type of beer recently. No, it’s not an IPA or a micro stout or anything else like that. It’s literally any local breweries with artistic labels.


Plenty of breweries have note-worthy label art – Flying Dog, for example. It’s unique, a little creepy, but nonetheless intriguing. What I’m talking about though is this continuing trend of wiping almost any trace of information about the brewery and the beer off the can. Seriously – they draw me in like a child to a sugary cereal cartoon mascot. I’m judging books by their cover here.

Of course, no brewery is going to leave you entirely in the dark about what you’re drinking or much less who brewed it. Twirl the can around a few times and you’ll find a sliver of info, not to deter from the beer can’s dope design.

Another plus is that this trend is most common from small, local breweries and these same breweries are putting out some of the most interesting beers yet.  The Insetto pictured above is (as the small bit of descriptive label reads) a dry-hopped sour ale with Italian plum by stillwater artisanal, and it’s one of the best beers I’ve had in my life. If you spot a beer the next time you’re browsing that looks more like a mystery flavor than anything else, I implore you to pick it up and investigate. It looks cool (and aesthetic is above everything, am I right?) and, more often than not, will hit you with an interesting flavor you’ve never had before.


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