“Seven gourmet vegetarian restaurants worth travelling the world for” from Viva magazine

You’ll know from previous posts that I adore the work of plant-based chef Matthew Kenney, and have been determined to dine at each of his gourmet vegan restaurants (he’s opening new venues consistently, all over the world) ever since eating at Plant Food + Wine in Venice, LA.  One of his newest endeavors, Alibi in Sydney, AUS was featured in an article from Viva magazine today.  Unfortunately, my recent visit to Australia ended a mere few months before Alibi opened which breaks my heart but I guess it’s an excuse to return (travelling across the globe for a meal is reasonable, yeah?).   The article features 7 gourmet vegetarian restaurants worth travelling the world for. While I am already a huge fan of Matthew Kenney’s food and vibe, I am eager to research some of these other spots and start planning some trips!

I have the restaurants listed below.  To get the full details and links to each restaurant directly, click here to read article on Viva’s website.


  1. Tian, Austria
  2. Cookies Cream, Berlin
  3. Gentle Gourmet, Paris
  4. Arancia Blu, Rome

  5. Vanilla Black, London
  6. Alibi, Sydney
  7. Candle 79, NYC

I can tackle #7 during my next visit to NYC in July (along with the other Matthew Kenney eateries he’s been opening left and right there), but it looks like I’ll be planning a trip to Europe to eat my way through the list (subject to what my savings account has to say…).  Any readers who have been to one of these spots, definitely let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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