Watch this weekend – Chef’s Table: Pastry

Three years ago perhaps the best documentary series yet made by mankind was released on Netflix.  I am not being hyperbolic.  Chef’s Table is truly the world’s greatest entertainment and if you so much as question this reality, we can’t be acquainted.  If you have yet to watch, by god, please – go. Binge now.

I’ve honestly been regularly checking for any hint of when season four might be released and was pleasantly surprised that they are airing new episodes THIS WEEK – Friday, April 13th.  However, these episodes have a specific focus – pastry chefs.  Currently there are three seasons of six episodes, each focusing on a different world-renowned chef.  Additionally, a sub-series made by the same people includes four more episodes, each focusing specifically on French chefs.

While each of the chefs in the current three seasons (and one mini season) mention the pastries/desserts served at their restaurants, it is often that the pastry chef is upholding standards and holding responsibilities of equal measure to the head chef.  Also, though I am not much of a sweet tooth generally, I am perpetually in awe of some of the things pastry chefs concoct.  Some desserts are straight up science experiments – i.e. the literally floating sugar balloon found at Alinea in Chicago.  The head chef of Alinea, Grant Achatz, is featured in season 1, episode 2 of Chef’s Table – his work will blow you away.

Check out the trailer for Chef’s Table: Pastry below –

I was literally gasping and “wow”ing all through this trailer.  This mini season is going to be so visually awe-inspiring.  Fingers crossed I can make this new season last me at least two days…I don’t have much faith in myself to not devour every episode once I start though, honestly.




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  1. Eugenei
    April 16, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    This is SO exciting! I’ve never been a huge fan of watching pastry related cooking shows myself, but this far exceeded my expectations just like the original Chef’s Table episodes.

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