Review: Bodhi Restaurant & Bar (Sydney, AUS)


Bodhi is a 100% vegan yum cha (meal of dim sum) outdoor restaurant in Sydney, Australia.  I have dreamt of eating here ever since it started blowing up my Instagram feed – many of the vegan influencers living in Australia frequent this spot, and the food and ambiance always looked so damn good.  Once I knew I was going to be in Sydney, Bodhi was immediately added to the itinerary.

After a morning of exploring the rest of the city, I eagerly dragged my carnivorous boyfriend to Bodhi.  He loves traditional dim sum, but is always initially hesitant when I suggest a 100% vegan spot (he rarely dislikes them…except for one raw vegan joint that I’ll admit might have been a bit much).  After trying I don’t even know how many dishes of the vegan dim sum at Bodhi, he was declaring that it was incredible. This spot is a must for anyone, regardless of where you may stand on the carnivore-herbivore spectrum.


After sitting at the table, a slew of servers cycle around the tables, presenting an insane variety of dim sum dishes – everything from veggie filled dumplings, steamed buns, shiitake mushrooms with a divine non-meat meatiness to them, and pumpkin-filled pumpkin-shaped dim sum that was too damn cute to deal with (see above).  I cannot begin to name all of the dishes we consumed. With servers stopping by the table every few minutes with yet another aesthetically tantilizing plate, overeating is a given at Bodhi.  Amazing service, extremely creative dim sum creations, and a relaxed vibe make Bodhi top of the list of my recommendations for anyone staying in Sydney.


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